Tips to Cut Auto-Insurance Costs Despite Limitations on Learner’s Driving Permits

The issue of young drivers and the growing limitations on leaner’s permits and licenses can, fundamentally, be viewed as a lifesaver. A learner’s permit is a restricted license given to a young person who has just learned to drive, or is still taking driving lessons. The restrictions vary between different jurisdictions , but there are a few common regulations in every state.  Example, a young driver with a learner’s permit may be allowed to drive to school or work and back with a written documentation or permission from a parent or legal guardian. The underlying assumption here is that the young driver is still a novice and therefore likely to cause an accident if left to drive unsupervised. So in one way, these limitations on learner’s permits can be viewed as a lifesaver for both the youthful driver and others on the road.

However, from another point of view, purchasing car insurance for young or teenage drivers has always been an expensive affair. With a teen driver in the family, monthly premiums for auto insurance will always be an added expense. This is because your son or daughter is a victim of statistics. Your teen driver may be a very responsible driver but unfortunately belongs to a demographic population with irresponsible driving habits. Fortunately you can get cheaper auto insurance for a young driver without compromising quality and safety in the following four easy ways.

Good student discounts. Most insurance companies offer a good school performance discount. This is an added incentive to make your child improve his or her performance in school. If a young driver has a consistent B or above average in schoolwork, he or she is entitled to a car insurance premium discount. The discount can also be extended for successful completion of state sponsored driver’s courses such as defensive driving.

Keep an electronic eye on your teen driver. Auto insurance companies can lower your premium if you install a tracking device to monitor irresponsible driving behavior in the young driver’s car. Some of the issues tracking devices monitor include speeding and texting or talking on the cell-phone while driving. Safeco Insurance Company made a device available to it’s policy holders a number of years ago.  Progressive Insurance Company has also just made available a similar device for it’s auto insurance policy holders.

Get your teen a reasonably safe car. Simply said, getting your young driver in a Corvette would be asking for a higher premium. Find out which cars attract the lowest auto insurance premium before you buy your son or daughter a car.

Take time to shop around for the best offer. Get real-time cheap auto insurance quotes online from  the many sites in the internet, or at least five of them. Find out and compare auto insurance quotes online especially their policies and discounts for teen drivers. Personally; I feel making a phone call to (800) 807-0762 will provide you the best rate for your childs situation and the best coverage for your assets.