Travelers Business Insurance Rates Increase Over Five Percent

Tuesday’s Post 12/13/11 –  Travelers Insurance Company reported at the November 6, 2011 Financial Services Meeting  their company rates will increase for business insurance clients by five point two (5.2%). According to the recent review of The Wall Street Journal, a Traveler’s Executive also  provided this feedback at a Goldman Sachs Financial Services Meeting.  These price hike symbolize the biggest rate increases from the previous years”. The newest industry report shows that general business insurance rates are gradually increasing. There is a feeling of aspiration developing all over this, and a view that the organization can always mobilize this technique effectively. Travelers approach  is to mobilize the rate. The organization’s November Market Gauge records information that Nov 2011 had the first composite-rate raise, averaging up to one percent, since the smooth market started in 2005 . The Market Scout which is an automated insurance exchange, notes commercial prices for every insurance policy coverage category are at least smooth, with only a two percent increase in business owners’ policies, commercial property, and the workers’ pay. It has been also said that the largest rate increase came from smaller account but the larger accounts seem to saw this rate as okay or even having a constant decline in rates.

– Mike

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