Travelers Launches IntelliDrive Mileage-Based Auto Insurance

Friday’s Post 10/28/11 –  Travelers Insurance Company has introduced a money-saving program for its auto insurance policy holders. IntelliDrive, is a mileage- based auto insurance product. This was primarily launched to help low- mileage drivers cut annual vehicle expenses starting with a reasonable price cut of up to five percent immediately upon enrollment. Moreover with an increase in mileage, more cut offs in prices are available for drivers and other patrons. This includes an additional 20 percent discount at renewal given to regular customers depending upon the number of miles driven.

By simply plugging a small electronic device into the customer vehicle, IntelliDrive can measure mileage. It can also provide information on vehicle usage and personal driving reports. These include driving style and environmental impact such as fuel economy and carbon footprint which can help the customer adjust their mode of driving to cut fuel expenses. The information provided by IntelliDrive can then be can be accessed by customers electronically through a secure website.

Another advantage of this application includes optional alerts which can be defined by personal customer settings. These electives on vehicle settings depend on the discretion of the owner and can vary from one customer to another. For example, parents could set up vehicle alerts to notify them via email when the vehicle is driven aggressively, leaves a defined area, exceeds a certain speed limit or is used during an unauthorized driving period. With IntelliDrive, parents can confidently leave vehicles in their homes without the worry of improper vehicle usage by their children. Also customers can watch and improve their driving practices for safer and fuel thrifty trips in the future.

This beneficial insurance product is now available in Illinois, Ohio, Oregon and Virginia. With a visit to a nearby independent insurance agent or by simply contacting Travelers, IntelliDrive can be purchased. The aforementioned discounts and advantages may apply only to certain coverage, limited to certain states and benefits are subject to individual eligibility. invites all it’s Travelers Insurance Clients to call us about IntelliDrive.  I am personally looking forward to the product being available in Pennsylvania.



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