Trenton NJ Man Faces 15 Months Jail Term for Social Security Disability Benefits Theft

Charged with theft of government funds and misrepresentation of a Social Security number, a Trenton, New Jersey resident was sent to prison to serve his 15-months sentence on April this year.

The U.S. Attorney for the District of New Jersey identified the man as John Bethea, 55, who pleaded guilty of the said charges before U.S. District Judge Joel Pisano.

Bethea was receiving social security disability benefits from August 1999 to July 2011, but was still able to work for three different companies in New Jersey and earned almost $200,000 without informing the Social Security Administration. He accomplished this by using his brother’s Social Security number, to secure a driver’s license in his brother’s name, but with his own picture. Using his brother’s identity, he used the said license to obtain employment. And after sustaining an injury while doing the job, he then used his brother’s identity to collect worker’s compensation that amounted to more than $28,000.

Bethea agreed to pay $89,216 as restitution to the Social Security disability benefits he received fraudulently, and $28,436 as restitution for the worker’s compensation he also received fraudulently.

Aside from his 15-months sentence, Judge Pisano also ordered that after serving his term, Bethea will be subjected to two years of supervised release.

Trenton NJ Man Faces 15 Months Jail Term for Social Security Disability Benefits Theft

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