Uninsured Drivers Beware!

Driving Without Auto InsurancePost Dates July, 22 2014 – Although uninsured drivers in Pennsylvania and New Jersey live with the harshest financial penalties for driving a car without an auto insurance coverage; other states invoke other penalties much more severe.  Ohio uninsured drivers must also deal with the inconvenient punishment of having your car taken away  from you and impounded by the local or state police.

The enforcement of any state car insurance laws requires uninsured drivers purchase at least a minimum amount of auto insurance.  

This state minimum auto insurance limit in all states starts as a bill which outlines the penalty that will allow law enforcement agencies to tow the cars of those uninsured drivers caught driving without the required auto insurance policy in that state.

Uninsured drivers caught driving without an auto insurance coverage can be towed by law enforcement even if it is their first offense. Before the passage of these laws,  only the vehicles of second-time offenders are being towed by law enforcement.

If you have an expired policy and that you don’t feel the need to renew it, or if you are one of those thousands of Americans whom are uninsured drivers – you may not feel threatened by the penalties being instituted. THINK AGAIN!

It’s easier than ever for Law enforcement to confirm the fact a car or driver does not have auto insurance.  Legislative efforts in most  states give law enforcement agencies the ability check if a vehicle or driver is insured. Auto insurance status is now available with the use of state auto registration database’s.

Uninsured Drivers should be reminded to maintain the state required auto insurance coverage in the you live.    These laws are not just to protect the driver themselves, these laws, fines and penalties exist to protect uninsured drivers from destroying the lives of other people.