Unlicensed Fast Buck Auto Insurance Websites Profit While The Public Suffers

Post Date 3.14.2012 – While there are a number of unlicensed Low Cost Auto Insurance websites on the internet which do a fantastic job of matching those shopping for auto insurance with a competitively priced carrier;  there are more sites out there which are hurting the auto insurance business and their customers. Although these car insurance sites look somewhat legitimate – the men and women behind these sites can’t even sell you the car insurance policies they are advertising.  These unlicensed, incompetent and unscrupulous website owners have sought their fortunes on the world-wide-web praying on your need to find a better rate.  These site owners portray themselves as legitimate licensed cheap car insurance companies or auto insurance agents in order to obtain your personal and private rating information and sell it to a third-party. I received a spam email just last week advertising prices on Farmers, Nationwide and other companies for payments of $9.00 a week.  Since I have represented Farmers Insurance Company since 1995 and sister companies of Nationwide – I can tell you obtaining prices such as $9.00 is just not possible. Sadly; it’s very difficult for any state insurance department to monitor these website operators since many are either located out of the state or out of the county.

If you want the best indicator if an Insurance Web-Site is licensed to sell insurance, look for the local or toll-free phone number. If they were selling insurance, why would they not have a phone number??


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