Unlicensed Insurance Agents Sell Insurance Illegally

Unlicensed Insurance AgentPost Date January 27, 2012 – Law enforcement all over the United States are dealing with the issue issue of unlicensed insurance agents and websites selling insurance products. Sadly; this is a subject which I have Blogged about time and time again.  Florida is the latest state to come down hard on the unlicensed insurance charlatans. Florida Office of Insurance Regulator (FLOIR) announced they issued cease and desist orders against three unlicensed insurance companies which were reported to have been engaged in an “unauthorized and unlicensed” sale of insurance.  The three unlicensed insurance agents were identified as the Miami, Florida-based Arkidus Home Protection (AHP); Temecula, California-based International Pacific Assurance Associates (IPAA); and the Sarasota, Florida-based Dental Care Alliance (DCA), LLC.  The unlicensed insurance companies are accused of selling insurance coverage and home warranties for household appliances. The companies were never been granted an authority to sell insurance or home warranties within the Sunshine state.  They have been ordered to cease and desist its operation immediately.  In other cases, these companies were selling payment bonds targeting non-federal construction projects. They have never been granted an insurance license or a certificate of authority to legitimately sell insurance in Florida, the company is not also registered in the state to do business.

Unlicensed insurance agents still on the prowl on the internet

The Florida Department of Insurance had done the necessary investigation process and have determined that the said three companies where unlicensed insurance agents and were all illegally selling insurance products and services in Florida. When  buying insurance products in Florida or any other US State, such as auto insurance or homeowners Insurance, consumers are advised to check to see if the insurance company has the necessary license to do business in your state.

These three unlicensed insurance companies are just the tip of the iceberg. The moment you log onto the world-wide-web, the vast majority of websites you can submit your private information to is an Unlicensed Insurance Company.  Most can not provide you a quote.  Most don’t have a local or toll-free phone number.  All they want to do is sell your private personal insurance information to a third party.  That third-party will sell your information to dozens of insurance agents.  These agents will call you morning, noon and night.


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