Utah Student Losses Leg, Gets $650,000

A student from the Utah Valley University who survived a motorcycle accident last year but lost a leg will be getting around $650,000 to pay for his injuries and medical bills.

The student identified as Parker Eads was hit by a maintenance vehicle as he was driving his motorcycle within the university campus on September 2011. The accident transpired when the maintenance truck made an inappropriate turn and hit Eads. The impact made the student to be thrown to and under another car.

Right after the incident, Eads had undergone several surgeries including the amputation of his right leg just below the knee.

As the said college student was battling over the liability on his accident, a settlement in the amount of $648,700 was reached. The said amount is within Utah’s maximum liability caps. This will cover Parker’s hospital and medical bills. But his lawyer, Russell Hymas said that Eads will have more expenses for his recovery which will include various prosthetics.

The lawyer said that his client who is still in his twenties and still in his undergraduate studies will have a life full of prosthetics and such will be costly as prosthetics needed to be replaced in every three to five years.

The lawyer described Eads to be “a guy that nothing gets him down. He just takes things one day at a time, and he just overcomes whatever is thrown at him.” Hymas said that Eads will be facing more expenses in the future and that special prosthetics would be needed if his client will go back to doing the things he loves to do. Eads was said to do hiking, rock climbing and snowboarding.

Eads will be awarded the $648,700 settlement after the state legislative leaders unanimously approved the said payment. Under Utah law, settlement in the amount of more than $500,000 will have to go through the approval of the Utah’s legislative leaders.