What can be availed from the No-Fault NY Auto Insurance?

No-Fault NY Auto Insurance which is also known as the Personal Injury Protection (PIP) is specifically instituted as to provide payment to the injured persons (driver or passengers) of an insured car, and the injured pedestrians caused by the insured car, for their economic losses, lost earnings, medical expenses and other necessary expenditures related to their sustained injuries, regardless of whose fault the accident was or if there was any negligence.

The basic No-Fault NY Auto Insurance will provide a maximum amount of $50,000 per injured person. This particular insurance coverage is placed as to ensure that individuals hurt in auto accidents will be restored to health and productivity.

As its other name suggest, No-Fault only pays for the injuries of a person. This coverage does not pay for the insured vehicle’s damages or to the other vehicle’s damages.

By having this NY auto insurance coverage, you and your household will be provided by your insurance company with protection against economic losses due to the injuries sustained in a vehicular accident. Said protection shall be provided when the accident that caused such injuries took place within United States and Canada provided that the insured vehicle is involved. Passengers of your vehicle who are not from the state of New York but have been injured while in your vehicle can also avail of the No-Fault insurance if they are not covered by any auto insurance in the said state.

What can you benefit from the No-Fault insurance?
No-Fault NY Auto Insurance will pay for the following:
• Necessary medical and rehabilitation expenses of the eligible injured persons;
• 80% of their lost earnings (maximum of $2,000 per month) up to three years since the date of the accident;
• Reimburse other necessary expenses such as transportation for medical treatment and household expenses, up to $25 a day;
• Death benefit of $2,000 (an addition to the $50,000 basic No-Fault coverage limit) which is payable to the estate of the person who is killed in a vehicular accident and is eligible of the No-Fault benefits.