Who’s Getting The Lowest Auto Insurance Rates In Ohio?

Post Date August 22, 2012 –  The lowest Auto insurance rates in Ohio are calculated in the same way car insurance premiums are set in any other state, city or town.  Risk The Lowest Auto Insurance Rates In Ohiofactors that insurance companies use in determining auto insurance costs for a particular consumer first start with the place where he/she lives and year make and model of the vehicle driven.  One place car insurance companies provide the lowest auto insurance rates in Ohio is the City of Dayton.  Within the City of Dayton and other mid-size towns;  insurance carriers can offer the lowest auto insurance rates in Ohio. This is compared to the large cities like Cleveland, Ohio and Columbus, Ohio.

The Lowest Auto Insurance Rates In Ohio Are Found In the Smaller Towns

A female single driver, age  24-44 who prefer to only have the the state minimum liability limits (bodily injury and property damage)  can enjoy the lowest auto insurance rates in Ohio at an annual premium of $251.00. A married, male driver whose age is above 64 who also live in small towns or rural areas can enjoy a much lesser insurance costs, as much as $204.00 annually.  Student auto insurance or policies intended for youthful drivers whom live and operate their vehicle in the intermediate size cities pay higher premiums. But the good thing is, the price they have to pay is still less compared in the big cities.  The location of one’s residence greatly affects the cost of a car insurance policy.  Every size city regardless if it’s rural or urban determines the risk characteristics and cost of an insurance policy. A small rural area has a much smaller traffic risk and in most cases, a low-crime rate.  When it comes to lower traffic and less crime, the possibility of vehicular accidents and theft is much less compared to cities which have huge traffics and high crime rates.  The smaller rural area enjoy the lowest auto insurance rates in Ohio.


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