Why Auto Insurance For Young Drivers Is Necessary?

Basically, we can answer that question in two main reasons. First, auto insurance for young drivers is necessary for it is being required by law – that every state in the United States require that each driver must possess that state’s required and minimum auto insurance coverage. Second, you need auto insurance for your kids as they much needed protection – and studies show that they are more prone to accidents.

This is not to scare you, but according to the National C enter for Health Statistics, in their data in 2007, the leading cause of death among young people (age 15-20), are motor vehicle crashes. This data only shows the risks that young people face, risks that they need to avoid – risks that we need to be prepared of.

Prior studies have already pointed out the main reasons why teens are most likely exposed to vehicle crashes compared to other age groups. These reasons can be categorized into two, which are their immaturity and their lack of experience in driving.

As they lack experience in driving, their ability to recognize and respond to hazardous situations are in most cases, weak. As they lack maturity, they often find themselves over-speeding and in some cases, tailgating. Not to mention the crazy things that can happen when teens have the car all by themselves.

By knowing the risks that young people have, we know that they are most likely to find themselves in an accident whether minor or not. Ergo injuries or if not, damages to the vehicle they drive. And we also know that the cost of medical expenses and vehicle repairs does not come cheap. So, why again do you really need auto insurance for young drivers?