Auto Insurance Scam Artists Make Me Sick

Auto Insurance ScamPost Date October 12,  2012 –  I hate liars, thieves and  scam artists. Specifically; I dislike auto insurance scam artists posing as Insurance Agents.  These fakes don’t maintain any Insurance License while doing their best to trick you into providing them your most private personal information to switch your auto insurance policy.  Sadly they are everywhere in our society and a new scam is developed every single day.  If you are not cautious you will fall into their trap and experience first hand the old saying; “if it sounds to good to be true – it most likely is”.  State officials in Wyoming warn Wyoming auto insurance buyers against a telemarketing scam  to convince them to switch their Wyoming auto insurance dropping the names of state officials as part of their Wyoming Auto Insurance  Sales Scam.

There’s A New Auto Insurance Scam Everyday………….

According to the Wyoming Secretary of State,  their office name is being used by these telephone solicitors.  In fact;  the, secretary of state himself,  issued the urgent  warning to Wyoming auto insurance customers.  The  Wyoming auto insurance scam is being  perpetrated  in this way. An automated telephone call is received telling the Wyoming auto insurance customers the Wyoming Secretary of State had released information that auto insurance consumers are eligible for changes in their policy. The said caller would tell the person answering the phone that their government office has determined that the price they are paying for their Wyoming auto insurance is too much.

According to the actual Secretary of State’s Office said these Wyoming Auto Insurance calls originated from an area code inside the state Wyoming.  This caller ID information reinforced the belief that the call originated from a government office or a Wyoming auto insurance company.  The information being passed on by these charlatans  is completely false according to Wyoming State Officials. The Wyoming Insurance Commissioner  has warned the public about this scam. The Wyoming Department of Insurance concurs with the Secretary of State  there is no consumer database which would ever maintain and have the ability to release such information.

I want to briefly mention another Auto Insurance Scam you need to watch out for.  This one uses a false and misleading email marketing campaign  to suck you in.  The Scam started about 2 months ago. The Scam starts when you receive an email saying PRESIDENT OBAMA HAS JUST SIGNED INTO LAW YESTERDAY A  NEW AUTO INSURANCE LAW WHICH QUALIFIES YOU FOR A  AUTO INSURANCE DECREASE TO AS LOW AS $3.00 A WEEK.  The Scam also does it’s best to fool you by using a recent date the new Auto Insurance Law was passed.  Depending when you receive the email; the sender changes the date so there’s always a fresh date when the bogus law was passed. Once you click on the link, you are taken to an unlicensed auto insurance website, let me stress, UNLICENSED AUTO INSURANCE SITE, which collects your private personal information, Name, Address, Date of Birth, Social Security Number, ect. They then sell all your personal information. Although I have been receiving these emails multiple times a week in Pennsylvania, it appears you can enter a Zip-code for any location in the country.


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